Top Products December 2019

Take a look at some of our top products. As the weather is getting colder, it is important to not only stay warm without compromising safety.

These products are designed to perform to the highest standards and perform in their suitable environments.

Surefit™ Thermal Safety Helmet Liner

Many workers turn to wear hoodies or beanies underneath their hard helmets to keep warm on site. However, this option is not only endangering the worker by compromising the fit of the helmet, but also others if the helmet falls off the worker’s head.

To prevent this dangerous option, JSP developed the Surefit™ Thermal Safety Helmet Liner. The helmet liner is designed to keep workers warm on-site without compromising the fit of the helmet. Thus, ensuring warmth and safety.

The Surefit™ Thermal Safety Helmet Liner is approved to be worn with all JSP Evolution® Safety Helmets. This helmet liner has thermal insulation so the worker is provided with warmth and protection from the cold weather. This product is designed with deep edges to cover the wearer’s entire ear.

This liner is available in 2 sizes with 2 colour options, black and a highly visible orange.

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HardCap Aerolite®

The HardCap Aerolite® is the lightest full shell bump cap available weighing less than 135g.

This bump cap provides wearers flexibility and comfort with the replaceable padding and sweatband, as well as the full HDPE shell underneath the sleek textile cover.

The HardCap Aerolite® provides great ‘airflow’ through its large open weave panels on the cover which allows easy transfer of cool air. Thus limiting heat build-up for the wearer as well as discomfort.

Wearers are also provided with better visibility because of the large reflective areas on the side panels of the cover and reflective piping around the peak. This improves the safety of the worker in low-light conditions.

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Thermex™ Double Lens Goggle

The Thermex™ Double Lens Goggle offers great resistance to lens fogging in extreme temperatures, tested at -40°C.  Wearers have fog free vision, which is due to the unique Thermex™ Moisture Control Patch. It works by balancing air pressure build-up caused by heat or altitude.

As well as offering fog free vision, the Thermex™ Double Lens Goggle has NBR foam on the goggle which provides a comfortable fit.

At A+A, we interviewed the head of the Health and Safety Department- Denis Nikiforov from Velesstroy. He discusses the need for their workforce to wear suitable goggles in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Regions and how the Thermex™ Double Lens Goggle has provided fog-free use.

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