Springfit™Mask offers an unrivalled fit for a disposable foldflat mask

JSP has launched the Springfit™ fold flat disposable mask which features a sprung endoskeleton in the mask which ensures the most effective responsive fit. When you wear the mask it springs onto your face and gives a perfect face fit.

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The unique endoskeleton guarantees that the mask keeps its shape, increasing performance and maintaining rigidity. The integrated spring feature allows facial movement ensuring the mask offers a secure face fit and seal during speech or movement of the jaw.

Springfit™ mask being worn with JSP Thermex™ Goggles
Springfit™ mask being worn with JSP Thermex™ Goggles

The new Springfit™ is extremely comfortable with the foam area around the inside of the mask ensuring the mask is comfortable to wear and the welded nose piece gives the mask a good face fit. The pioneering Typhoon™ valve has been designed to reduce breathing resistance, heat and moisture build-up. The valve is unaffected by any moisture, and therefore maintains high performance levels even at very low temperatures (-40°C tested).

The low profile design of the SpringFit™ provides exceptional compatibility with other above the neck PPE.

The Springfit™ range folds up easily and can be stored in your pocket when not in use. It conforms to EN149 and is available in FFP3 and FFP2 valved and un-valved, with a nuisance odour carbon layer available on the FFP3 valved model.


Adrian from Hammer and Togs gives an overview of our range of Springfit™ Horizontal Fold Flat Masks



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