Patrick was saved by a JSP Safety Helmet

Patrick being presented with a golden safety helmet

Patrick Bartlett sent an email to the JSP team to tell us how one of  our EVO®2 Safety Helmets had saved his life!

“I wouldn’t be writing this if your hard work had not produced such a quality product.”

Although there is a greater awareness around safety, precautions and PPE in the workplace than in the past, we believe that there is still an underlying stigma of ‘it will never happen to me’, and in this case, it did!

Since Patrick started his career as a delivery driver in 2006, he had never had an accident. This changed on Thursday the 19th of June 2018 when he was unloading sheet steel at a port. Some sheets had been rolled to form curves and were supported during transit by trestles, all of which were secured by ratchet straps. Patrick has informed us that the port were very strict with load handling and thankfully for him made every individual wear a hard hat, high visibility jacket and steel toe cap boots at all times.

When releasing the very last strap, the curved sheets pushed down onto the trestle, pushing it out from under the load. Five sheets of the sheet steel then sprang down onto Patrick’s EVO®2 Safety Helmet, pushing it down onto the flat sheets below. The sheer impact forced his head out of the safety helmet and away from the steel.

Life saving JSP safety helmet
This is the EVO®2 Safety Helmet that saved Patrick’s life

Patrick sustained a broken elbow and escaped with only a couple of bruises to the side of his head and minor cuts to his left eye lid and forehead.

In the email that Patrick sent to us he said:

“I have no doubt that your safety helmet saved my life, as I’m sure the steel would have crushed my skull upon impact had I not been wearing it. I would like to thank all of the staff and management at JSP Ltd for all of the work put into the development and production of your safety helmets, as i wouldn’t be writing this if your hard work had not produced such a quality product. Thank you all again.”

Upon reading Patrick’s story, the team decided to reach out and invite him to our Manufacturing Headquarters in Oxfordshire for a tour, to meet the team, and to show him how we made the safety helmet that saved his life.

Patrick and his wife Sam accepted our offer and the team at JSP were more than happy to show them the manufacturing aspect of the Helmet manufacturing process, from the design, to creation and testing of the product.

Patrick and Sam touring of Manufacturign Head Quarters
Patrick and Sam touring of Manufacturing Head Quarters

Our CEO Mark Johnstone then met with Patrick to gift him a selection of our PPE products including a specially made golden JSP Safety Helmet.

CEO Mark Johnstone presenting a Golden Safety Helmet to Patrick
CEO Mark Johnstone presenting a Golden Safety Helmet to Patrick

We would like to thank Patrick for reaching out to tell us his story. Cases such as his help to raise awareness and showcase the importance of the hard work that that everyone at JSP puts into producing high quality safety products for our users throughout the world.

If you have a story about your JSP PPE then let us know!

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