NEW Portagate™ Barrier designed specifically for Utility companies

Portagate is Openreach apporved

JSP Ltd has designed a robust new 3 or 4 gate Barrier system for Utility companies called the Portagate™ Barrier. It is the only gated barrier on the market to be able to take feet for increased stability to allow it to be configured in a triangle, a square or a single line according to the job.

Portagate 4-gate system
Portagate™ 4-gate system

Manufactured from UV stabilised HDPE, the Portagate™ features a strong durable hinge system which locks the orientation of the panels firmly in place to ensure added rigidity to the barrier whilst in use.

The Portagate™ is manufactured in the UK using a one piece mould so can be colour matched to specific brands and contractor details can be embossed and highlighted at the front of the barrier.

Conforming to EN12899-1, the Class R1 high intensity reflective panels on the barrier offer 20% more reflectivity than standard reflective material and the recesses on the panels allow for temporary signage to remain attached on the system during storage.

The Portagate™ barrier will save both transport costs and help minimise space needed for storage as a pallet can fit 20 units of the 4 gate barrier on and 25 of the 3 gate barrier version.

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