Ludo Wilson: My work experience at JSP.

During the days Monday 17th June and Friday 21st June I have spent some time in the digital marketing office of JSP as part of my work experience. I’ve learnt many things about the world of digital marketing during my time here and have slowly got to grips with the pace that the company works at, while learning new skills everyday.

On Monday I spent the day learning about marketing on social media with Jade Hancock (in charge of social media at JSP), and made numerous posts on the company’s social media pages. I used LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,  ensuring I was exposed to a wide range of social media platforms. After making my posts I dealt with the responses of the public. One example, was the response of an Australian youtuber, named Ben’s Worx, who enquired about the suitability of a JSP product to his kind of work, and also offered to collaborate on his channel. This was very useful as he had over 64,000 subscribers to his channel.

Almost all of the manufacturing process at Worsham Mill is automated.

Aside from social media, I visited two of JSP’s factory’s using my camera to take photos and record my experience. In the morning I was toured around the Worsham mill factory, where the safety helmets are made. I was most amazed at the level of automation and how much of the work was done by robots. In the afternoon I had a tour around the Standlake factory, where the traffic products are made. Although the factory had less automation, the size of the machines was amazing.

The display of all the traffic products that they produce at Standlake. Many of the designs are unique to JSP

The next day I was working with Raymond Puffitt. I learnt a lot about the JSP website and what JSP can do using the website. The google analytics page was especially interesting as it allows the company to know who to target. I then spent the rest of the morning using photoshop to prepare the new images for the website, something that needed to be done.

In the afternoon I went for a tour of the JSP respiratory product factory in Carterton, where I learnt about the machines they had there and the industrial process that the factory goes through. I was particularly impressed by one of the robots that they had in their manufacturing process, which has several arms, all of which carry out multiple tasks.

When we returned Ray gave me a quick tutorial about HTML, the system used to power every website. He then let me code my own very basic webpage, a response page to someone filling out a form, and then the webpage went live on the website the next day, after a few modifications.


My own webpage that, with help from Ray, I designed using html on Adobe Dreamweaver.


On Wednesday 19th June, Joyce Conlan took over from Ray. I learnt about email marketing and the use of cookies online, to help companies with who they target. Joyce showed me the companies website communigator and how it helps the company design their emails and store the companies email templates.

In the afternoon Joyce and I worked on creating an email to the company’s distributers, outlining JSP’s July offers on eye and face protection. We used communigator software again to organise and insert the content into the email, using one of the predesigned templates. After designing the email itself we moved onto creating a landing page, which outlined all the offers on eyewear. I learnt a lot about how email marketing works and how emails to customers should be designed and worded.

On Thursday we mainly focused on editing a video that gave information about the new EVO® VISTA™ safety helmet. We used Premiere Pro to edit the video footage into bitesize clips that were short enough to be posted on the social media page. The video was divided into appropriate sections so that it could be released onto the JSP social media as soon a possible. The whole video is available here.

Today (Friday) I have wrapped-up all my remaining tasks and summarised what I have learnt and experienced in this blog.

Overall, I have learnt many new skills during my week here at JSP and I’m hoping to develop them more in the future. For example, I’m going to try to improve my skills with html and learn to use it for more things and hopefully get to the point where I can design my own website.

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