Keep your cool with the HardCap™ AeroLite® – the lightest best performing Bump Cap on the market

HardCap™ AeroLite® Worlds Lightest Full-Shell Bump Cap

The HardCap™ AeroLite® from JSP is the lightest, best performing, full shell Bump Cap on the market weighing less than 135g. It is designed to be worn in work environments where there is a risk of impact to the front, top and also scrapes to the side of the head from stationary objects.

AeroLite® Lighweight Full-Shell Bump Cap
AeroLite® Lighweight Full-Shell Bump Cap

The AeroLite® is extremely lightweight and comfortable, which is of great importance to individuals who need to wear bump cap protection for long periods of time in today’s busy stressful environments. The sleek textile cover has large open weaved panels to facilitate the transfer of cool air to the head reducing heat build-up and discomfort.

Comfort is further enhanced by a lightweight expanded polypropylene (EPP) liner offering class leading impact performance. The Polygiene® treated sweatband and foam-cushion comfort pads guard against the growth of bacteria, fungus and mildew reducing skin irritations and odours and therefore requiring less washing. Polygiene® has a UK Class 1 medical certificate and offers a life-time guarantee for odour control.

Odour free with Polygiene®
Odour free with Polygiene®

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Tested to BS EN 812, the HardCap™ AeroLite® consistently exceeded its requirements, recording an average transmitted force of just 5kN – well below the maximum 15kN allowed by the standard. It was also successfully tested at temperature extremes of -40°C and +50°C, making it the best-performing full-shell bump cap on the market.

The HardCap™ AeroLite® is adjustable to fit head sizes from 53cm to 63cm and available in black or blue, with either a 50mm or 25mm peak. Large reflective side panels feature on the side of the HardCap™ AeroLite® providing extra visibility in low light conditions. The longer peak provides more shade in outdoor or brightly-lit environments, while the shorter version allows for better vision when looking upward.

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