JSP vote the new Alphabloc® Space Saver the front-runner of road traffic separators

AlphaBloc® being used on a construction site

JSP Ltd has launched a unique new road traffic separator called the Alphabloc® Space Saver. This robust product is the ultimate choice for all road contractors as the unique foldable design allows increased quantities on a pallet saving both transport costs reducing carbon footprint and halving the cost of storage space.

Manufactured from UV stabilised HDPE, the foldable Alphabloc® features a strong durable hinge system which locks the separator firmly in place. It is water fillable to increase ballast/weight for added stability.

The acute angled bloc design allows for multiple configurations on both flat and uneven surfaces and the carry handle makes it very easy to deploy into position.

The Alphabloc® with its large plate area enables contractor details to be embossed and highlighted for corporate branding whilst also acting as a pilferage deterrent.

AlphaBloc® being set up on a work site
AlphaBloc® being set up on a work site

The system has been extensively trialled to ensure that it surpasses the demands and expectations bestowed on traffic separators by today’s Traffic Management industry.

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