JSP Hold Respiratory Protection Seminar

On Tuesday the 26th of March we welcomed attendees to our Manufacturing Headquarters in Oxfordshire for our free Respiratory Protection Seminar; a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of Respiratory Protection.

Respiratory Director Matthew Judson kick started the day with an introduction to the seminar and informed attendees on what they could expect to experience.

He was shortly followed by Louise Charlton – Certification Manager, who ran through PPE regulations, Kitemarks and the affect that Brexit may have on both – nicely titling the sector:

The Good
The Bad
and the Brexit.

Matthew proceeded to discuss dust awareness – including construction, asbestos and MDF, with a coffee break to follow.

Consistent breaks prevent attendees from being stationary for too long. We wanted to prevent overloading individuals with an abundance of information, without giving them the time to digest it before moving onto the next subject of discussion.

Post coffee break, Matthew returned to discuss Respirator selection. Examples included, what is right for the task, what is right for the job?

Respiratory Manager – Daren Metcalf later took to the floor to cover the subject of Respirator Selection, beyond the minimum requirement.

We supplied lunch to all attendees, ensuring that we enquired into any dietary requirements they might have prior to attendance.

After lunch, Senior Business Development Executive Joseph Gackowski delved into the subjects of:
Does your face fit? – Being clean shaven, Fit Checking and testing.

With a couple of Face-Fit testers in attendance, this subject was particularly engaging, with many discussions taking place on best practise etc.

As displayed below, Joe showed attendees how to don each of our respiratory masks, outlining the key steps in each process to ensure that you have a secure face seal.

Following on from this, Matthew wrapped up the seminar by discussing alternatives to fit testing and if there are any? *plot twist* there are NOT.

Attendees were then given the option to stay behind and run through Qualitative Fit Tester Training with Joseph and Dan, should they so wish.

We have already received some great feedback from those who attended, through our Feefo platform:

“Great location. Seems a great Company to work for, the friendliness and atmosphere was quite superb.”

“Excellent service from the moment I entered the building, very polite and helpful.”

“The whole seminar was very friendly and staff were accommodating answering all my questions on PPE. The seminar area with the displays allow clients to peruse products and raise any questions. The information regarding forthcoming legislation and changes was interesting and allows us to keep up to date with changes which I can then pass on to my sub-contractors.”

If you would like to view our upcoming seminars, please head to our ‘Health and Safety Events’ page on our website.

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