Did you know that you can recycle your hard hats?

JSP are proud to be founding members of the National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme (NHHRS) – a scheme created by Yes Recycling that allows members to fully recycle their used, end of life hard hats.

We recommend that users replace their hard hats every 5 years, or as soon as it receives a knock. This scheme means that members can fully recycle their used hard hats, safe in the knowledge that the product has been diverted into a dedicated waste processing facility.

Yes Recycling will completely convert all hard hats received by processing them into 10mm flakes. These flakes are separated into their constituent polymer elements, washed, dried, melted down and filtered.

The pure molten polymer is then manufactured back into brand new polymer pellets which is a universally used, raw material plastic product for manufacturing, meaning your hats are fully recycled.


Users can display the logo on their website


Head to our website for more information on the Yes Recycling ‘National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme’ and how you can sign up.

Find out more about the National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme >>

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