Compatibility Matters!

When personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be worn for a particular work environment or task, several items are usually involved. A common combination is head and hearing protection.

Our Sonis® helmet mounted ear defenders are the only certified helmet mounted solution for use with our  Evolution® helmet range and represent the safest hearing protection solution for end users using our  Evolution® range of Safety Helmets.

Working with a leading UK acoustic engineering research facility, we have developed the range of Sonis® helmet mounted ear defenders which peak at an unbeaten SNR of 36. This new range is specially designed to be compatible to work with our  Evolution® range of industrial head protection.

If you select a helmet from one manufacturer and helmet-mounted ear defenders from another, they may well fit together, but unless they have been performance-tested together, there is no guarantee they will provide the required protection.

Both the helmet and the ear defenders should be CE-marked – a legal requirement for any item of personal protective equipment (PPE) offered for sale within the EU. This mark can be applied if the PPE can been shown to comply with all applicable basic health and safety requirements (BHSRs) of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC. One of those BHSRs covers compatibility of different types of PPE when worn together, so that the fit and/or function of one type is not affected by using or wearing the other.

The Sonis® range of helmet mounted ear defenders easily  attach and detach from the universal slot of our helmets and through rigorous testing we can ensure that the correct SNR’s are reached when worn with our EVOlite®, EVO®2, EVO®3, Global Standard EVO®5 Olympus Helmet, Skyworker™ and EVO®5 Dualswitch™ Helmet.

  Compatibility is key when fitting accessories to Personal Protective Equipment.

Distributors will generally offer a range of product types. If you select products from different sources, rather than from the same manufacturer, make sure you check that the ear defenders have been tested on the specific make and model of helmet with which you plan to use them, and that they have been certified for use together.

Achieving a good fit is fine, but ensuring protection is paramount.

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