AlphaBloc® Space Saving Barrier

Every once in a while there is a ground-breaking product that comes along and in this case it is the AlphaBloc® manufactured by JSP Ltd. It is the first water-filled separation barrier system that can be folded flat for transport and storage.

The unique foldable design allows for 40 units per pallet to be stacked safely on a pallet – double the amount compared to most traditional separation barriers which traditionally only fit 20. This makes shipping, transporting and storing the units so much easier and cost-efficient making great saving for the contractor as you can transport up to 8 fully stacked pallets on a flatbed van. This equates to 320 units or 320 metres per vehicle.

Manufactured from UV stabilised HDPE, the AlphaBloc® is a strong, durable and lightweight product. These barriers have been put to the test being loaded with a raw material pallet weighing 1.3 tonnes. The four barriers withstood the heavy load placed on top of them with ease to prove their durability and strength.

This foldable barrier features a strong durable hinge system which locks the separator firmly in place. It is water fillable to increase ballast/weight for added stability, increasing the wind resistance like the more traditional types.

The acute angled bloc design allows for multiple configurations on both flat and uneven surfaces and the carry handle makes it very easy to deploy into position. Curved deployments are achieved with ease and a circle can be formed with only six barriers.

The AlphaBloc® with its large plate area enables contractor details to be embossed and highlighted for corporate branding whilst also acting as a pilferage deterrent or stopping the accidental removal of barriers by another contractor.

The system has been extensively trialled to ensure that it surpasses the demands and expectations bestowed on traffic separators by today’s Traffic Management industry.

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