About the BSI Kitemark™

The BSI Kitemark™  is a recognised global symbol of quality, integrity and safety. It demonstrates value to industry, employees, suppliers and end users as it shows it meets the appropriate standard.  British, European, and International regulation. Every BSI Kitemark™ Licensee is required to undergo regular ongoing review. This ensures that the product or service performs to a consistent high level over and above the EN standard.



JSP is proud to apply the BSI Kitemark™ on its products. We achieved the BSI Kitemark™ in 2011 for our range of industrial head protection products. We were then the first company to be awarded the certification for our respiratory products across multiple different standards. Most recently, we have gained certification for our range of our Sonis® range of ear defenders. We establish our commitment to quality products by working to meet the BSI Kitemark™  standards for our products.

In order to achieve the certification, it is compulsory to meet different requirements consistently and implement testing routinely. JSP manufactures to a high standard of quality, safety, performance and reliability. Our products are manufactured under its worldwide quality management system (QMS). This guarantees intensive batch control. By carrying out these tests, we are reiterating the quality and safety of our products to customers.


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