5 Reasons To Brand PPE & Traffic Products

Branded PPE and work-wear can often be seen as an unnecessary expense, however we have put together 5 key reasons as to why you should reconsider corporate branding.

1. Brand Awareness

A well designed and distinguished uniform can become a huge part of your brand and ensures that your business is instantly recognisable. Think about it – when you see a policeman in the street, you instantly know their job role based purely on their uniform. Every time your employees interact with customers, potential customers or seen by the public, your brand is too.

PPE with bespoke colours
We can manufacture your PPE in bespoke colours

2. Prevent Pilferage

When PPE and Traffic Management products are branded, it acts as a great pilferage deterrent. Normally theft occurs when the individuals taking part in the act either want to sell the goods on, or to use them themselves. If your PPE and Traffic Management products are branded it prevents those thieves from doing either. Traffic management products are often left unattended and are an easy target. Protect your products with your corporate branding today!

Brand your road products
Brand your road traffic products to protect them from theft.

3. Free Advertising

Branded PPE and work-wear works as free advertising! It makes your company and brand look great to the general public and potential new customers. Staff can be easily identified and people will know who they are and where they work. Sometimes it can be difficult to know, so it’s important that your target audience aren’t left in any doubt as to who they’re dealing with.

4. Staff Morale and Recognition

Branded PPE can give your work a shared an identity and pride in their jobs. Having the same sense of direction within a business is very important in keeping staff morale high and common goals reached. It adds value to the products that your are providing them and increases the chance that it will be cared for and looked after increasing its value for money.

You can also use it to differentiate between roles. Building sites for example can become very busy, and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between staff, their roles and visitors. Helmet colour variations are often used to distinguish between the roles of the individuals on site, but branding of the helmets will allow visitors to know who’s who and if your working on a multi company project your staff will stand out.

5. Promotes Professionalism

Having a company logo or name printed on work-wear clothing and PPE simply looks better than having a plain off the shelf version. It looks professional and implies that your company is successful and well established. This will have a positive impact on potential and existing customers. All businesses want to look professional and brandeding your PPE and Traffic products is an easy way to project your image.

JSP Logo Express®
JSP Logo Express®

We hope this has shown you a few of the many benefits of corporate branding. JSP offers branding services on our Safety Helmets, Ear Defenders, Traffic Management Equipment and more! Because we manufacture these products ourselves we are able to offer quick an docst effective runs especially for your business!

Give us a call today on 01993 826050 for more information on what we can offer your business. Your can also find out more by visiting our web site.

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